DIY Drawer Liner

Written By Stephanie White on 28 July 2014 // Posted Under: Bedroom, Decorating, DIY with

Years ago I picked up the malm dressing table which I still adore and use daily as extra storage, or simply to get ready in front of the large black mirror I hang over top. Yet from previously storing my makeup inside my malm dresser it got rather nasty in side.

malm dressing table

Warning embarrassing nasty drawer: behold the drawer stained with foundation and who knows what else stained this drawer. 

diy drawer liner

To fix the problem I decided to line the drawer with some extra wrapping paper I had in the basement. To help the paper adhere I placed double sided photo squares around the base of the drawer that I previously used for my Instagram photo frame.

diy drawer liner

Next I simply measured the size of the drawer and cut out a piece of wrapping paper to the size of the drawer and pressed the paper down onto the photo squares.

diy drawer liner

Seconds later my drawer looked so much better, and now I happily have a cute romantic themed drawer to store my jewelry. 

diy drawer liner

Another view of my Malm dressing table drawer with wrapping paper drawer liner. Love it!

drawer liner diy wrapping paper

Top 15 Shower Curtains

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Looking for an easy way to update your bathroom? A new shower curtian is an affordable option to add new colors or pattern to your bathroom. Here are my current top 15 favorite shower curtains:

shower curtains

Top 15 Shower Curtains

1 - Zig zag shower curtain from Urban Outfitters $44.00

2 - Romania shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond $39.99

3 - Stripe shower curtain from West Elm $39.00


4 - Alana medallion shower curtain from Pottery Barn $59.00

5 - Grand embroidered shower curtain from Pottery Barn $59.00

6 - Waterfall ruffle shower curtain from Urban Outfitters $79.00


7 - Horizontal strip shower curtain from West Elm $49.00

8 - Kendra trellis shower curtain from Pottery Barn $79.00

9 -Trina Turk trellis shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond $59.99


10 - Pale aqua printed shower curtain from Bouclair $29.99

11 - Cubic shower curtain from Target $8.99

12 - Abstract black and white shower curtain from Target $21.59


13 - Teal geometric shower curtain from Bouclair $29.99

14 - Aberdeen shower curtain from Anthropologie $128.00

15 - Black and white printed shower curtain from Bouclair $29.99


As you might of noticed, the abstract black and white shower curtain looks exactly like the shower curtain I have from Zone Maison. Needless to say years after having this shower curtain I'm still a huge fan.

What shower curtain do you like best?