As someone who works at home chic stationary are a must as it makes working in my office all the better. Plus who can turn down having an affordable patterned pencil? I know I certainly couldn’t, and this wasn’t simply because it matched the herringbone skirt I happened to be wearing.

Make your own DIY washi tape pencil and use up some of the decorative tape you have been stockpiling , it couldn’t be easier and the end result is ultra glam.

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For a while now I’ve been meaning to try to make my own set of gold rimmed glasses but I’ve struggled to find a high quality gold paint that is food and dishwasher safe until now.  I bring you my easy DIY gold rimmed glasses that are 100% safe to put in the top rack of your dishwasher. Best of all I love how elegant they look when serving drinks at cocktail parties at my home.

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Fun fact, did you know my last name is white? As an art teacher and designer who loves the use of black and white I’ve always found it reflective of my style and interests to be named after a colour.  Since starting my blog, I’ve also debated naming my blog after myself, with names including Decorating With White, White Space (to have my initials), or even simply White.

As we start March I’ve been listening to SOS, Made in Heights, Grimes, RY X, Sam ​Tinnesz and The Acid. Enjoy my March music playlist.

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Beat the winter blues, by cheering up your space by adding some indoor plants to replace all the beautiful plants outdoors that are covered in snow. Collaborating with Hometalk, I had the pleasure of  curating a board on useful tips on what are the best plants to grow indoors, and how to care for them. If you are looking for a unique way to add plants to your home, make sure to read the articles on how to start a terrarium or create a living plant wall.  View Full Post


tufted chaise lounge

The original design of chaise lounge is linked to Egypt’s 1st dynasty, but the name chaise comes from ancient Greek which means “to drink together”, as these reclining couches were often depicted in Greek art in party scenes. They are otherwise known as fainting couches, as they were used by women who felt light-headed from wearing corsets too tight in the 19th century, differentiate themselves from couches as they have one side with a raised back.

Now a popular furniture choice, for more than catching fainting women, they make the perfect spot to lounge in. In smaller living situations, chaises are also a wonderful replacement for a couch as they take up less space as they are often narrower. This flexible furniture piece can be used in many ways a couch or bench could in your home, such as opposite a sofa when you want seating but do not wish to full block the view past the seat, for example so you can see the fireplace or TV.

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modern lighting

No matter how many times you watch fireworks light the sky with colour they are always absolutely captivating to watch. Perhaps drawing from human’s love of colourful explosions in the sky the Moooi Raimond Dimmable LED light replicates the look of fireworks in your home. For best results the Raimond looks best when grouped together with various sizes and at various heights to look like the fireworks were captured in a photograph.

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Unless you have bought a renovated or custom home chances are your staircase has the default wood railing and banister that while works in traditional or more transitional houses it might not lend itself well to more modern tastes.  Updating your home to have a modern staircase can be done easily by replacing the wooden banisters with metal, glass or increasingly popular lucite. Switching to glass or lucite panels will open up the space, but if budget is a concern consider replacing handrails to lucite, or blocking off the wooden rails with drywall for a minimal look.

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Greeting cards are often overpriced and a bit bland, so for the past few years I’ve taken to making all my cards as a way to not only save a bit of money but to give original cards too. For those random moments when I want to just say thank you, or celebrate perhaps a 150 monthiversary (yep, I like to celebrate the little things),  I try to have a bunch of extra pre-made cards in my office which I make in batches so that I can easily grab one and write a message when the mood strikes to celebrate anything.  For my next batch of cards I made these dip dyed watercolour stationery which I absolutely adore.

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