MODERN DINNERWAREI’ve always been a bit fan of classic white bone china, so my first set was by Alex Liddy which has beautiful wide rimmed bowls that I adored. Bed Bath and Beyond everyday bone china, offers a similar set as the simple white dishes will never go out of style.  Yet if plain white is too simple for you, I’ve also rounded up several other modern dish set options that won’t distract from the beautiful meal you present on them from being too busy, but also have modern elements like faceting, warm metallic colours, or bold black and white detailing.
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May 2015 Music

May is one my favorite months, as it ushers in the warm weather here in Ottawa and the Tulip Festival. After endless months of cold, the city finally gets small buds of blooming flowers, and the weather quickly warms up to summer temperatures in the course of a three week span. To help kick off May, here is a diverse  music playlist for the month which includes Panama, Vallis Alps, The Donnies, Robot Koch, and the Sheppard.
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Filing and taxes might never be fun, but making this Kate Spade inspired black and gold work it file folder sure is! I love the end result which looks high end, but only costs $2.50 to make ($1.50 per sheet of gold foil plus $1.00 for the folder). Now combined with my other gold office accessories I have a beautiful cohesive look to my home office.

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Metallic Walls

While at first, the thought of having a metallic wall might seem too bold for most, I hope these glam gold, copper and silver walls inspire you how adding a metallic accent to your walls in a small area can look breathtaking.

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Lilysilk Silk Pillow Case Review

As someone who has fine hair I feel the need to be proactive in preventing split ends and hair damage as it happens fairly easily with fine hair if you aren’t careful. So after talking to my favorite hairdresser, who happens to be my sister about options to protect my hair she suggested trying silk sheets as the silk doesn’t pull on your hair as much as cotton pillow case does.  For the past week I’ve been testing a set of silk pillow case by Lilysilk as I was curious how they might compare to my Egyptian cotton sheets.

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