HomeRight Finish Max: Part 1

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Today I had the oppertunity to test out the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer to help out my dear friend Jeannine update a piece of furniture from her grandmother so that it could be used in her future nursery. Bless Jeannine, as despite me never using a paint sprayer before she trusted me to tackle this important project. Here is what the dresser looked like before I got started painting, where some paint had been painted with a brush but had left visable brush stroke lines in the areas painted on the front.


Staye tuned for the big big reveal, as currently the dresser is being left to dry.

homeright paint sprayer

Tips For Using Your HomeRight Finish Max:

  • You need to check your paint to make sure it flows fast enough by using the cup funnel provided and comparing how long it takes for the funnel to empty compared to the time listed on the instructions. In our case the paint was fine, but in the case of latex paints you would simply add a bit of water to your paint.
  • To use your paint sprayer make sure to leave a drop cloth around your piece of furniture. In comparison to my previous times using spray paint for my guest bedroom furniture, office chair, and red painted mirror I found the paint didn't  make as much of mess.
  • The nozzel at the front of the gun can be positioned to spray in a horizontal or vertical line, so simply twist it as needed.

Review Of The HomeRight Finish Max:

  • Compared to most spraypaint cans I found it more comfortable to hold down the spray button for extended periods of time.
  • The HomeRight Finish Max provided more even coverage without the occasional splaters and overspray that can occur with spray paint.
  • The retail price of around $90.00 is an affordable price to get a professional paint finish to your furniture, as it is hundreds less than you would pay to get it painted at a store.
  • It is extreemly easy to use, all you do is pour the paint into the container and twist the container onto the paint gun. Once the you are ready to paint, simply plug in the paint gun and press the spray button. 
  • For me the main selling point is the versitility to paint or stain in any color you can find, unlike spray paint cans which are limited to a few shades of paint. 
  • Overall review: A+


This is a sponsored post for Homeright. As always I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.


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