diy chandelier ornament

Sometimes it is the simple, small moments in life that bring you tremendous joy. For example, randomly one day a friend of mine decided to take off the crystals from her chandelier and decided to give them to me to use however I could see fit for a DIY. Needless to say, it was a huge welcomed surprise which later was used to make these crystal ornaments for my Christmas tree.  Not only my easiest DIY to date, they make stunning rainbows from reflecting the lights on the tree and give an extra bit of sparkle. Lack friends who randomly give you a bag of crystals? Go check out your local second hand store or garage sale and buy a chandelier you can take the crystals from.

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diy champagne flutes

For New Year’s Eve or anytime else this holiday season you feel like treating yourself (or your guests) to a glass of bubbly you will want to have a nice flute to serve the champagne in. If you lack a nice set or need many flutes for a party grab inexpensive glass or plastic champagne flutes and give them a more expensive look by giving them a dipped in gold look.
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how to hang Christmas stockings

If your house is anything like mine you home is slowly being transformed into a magical winter wonderland filled with beautiful Christmas decorations. Yet, for those of us with a modern minimal fireplace with no mantel, or those who simply do not have a fireplace at all, when it comes time to hang the Christmas stockings it can be a challenge to figure out how to hang them. Here we have round up several clever and stylish ways to hang your Christmas stockings, that work for a variety of living spaces. View Full Post


diy christmas crackers

Make your own DIY Christmas crackers using leftover wrapping paper and the inner cardboard tube to make a set of fun party crackers for your Christmas dinner. For younger guest fill the cracker with small toys, while for adults mini bottles of alcohol or small inexpensive gifts make a wonderful surprise. Or, simply skip the gifts inside and fill the Christmas crackers with as much confetti as possible and take a fun group photo where everyone pops open the cracker all at once, the choice is yours!
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