DIY Glitter Skull For Halloween

DIY Halloween

Meet Mort, my glitter skull. Skip the more traditional Halloween decor this year and try a more sophisticated gothic look. Meet my glitter skull who I’ve named Mort, who I absolutely adore as he took about 5 minutes to make the sparkles looks outstanding when paired with all black decor and flickering candelabras. For all you Twilight haters out there, perhaps this is the remains what the remains of sparkly vampires look like.

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diy-pumpkin-place-setting-thanksgivingIf you are looking for a last minute Thanksgiving decorating idea to help give a festive feeling to your holiday feast, these DIY pumpkin place cards are perfect to for your Thanksgiving tablescape. To make your own set of pumpkin place settings you will need orange cardstock, scissors, and a pen or marker. Each standard size sheet of cardstock should fit 3 full place card settings. To begin, download the pumpkin tracer, and print and cut out the tracer.

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paper-wreathHappy Thanksgiving Weekend (to all my Canadian readers)! While I’m without question a woman who longs for endless summer days and hot warm, which in part is rather humorous as I live in Canada that has a relatively short few days of delightfully hot summer days, there are a few about fall that help this summer loving lady transition into the cooler days. The brisk fall days brings forth the rich spicy scents of pumpkin spice lattes, soft sweater dresses and the joy of being surrounded by the vivid colours of fall leaves are things I do get excited about, and help me transition to the cooler temperatures. Decorate your home with a simple DIY paper leaf wreath that you can make in about 30 minutes, using a few sheets of cardstock and is perfect to decorate the inside of your home. View Full Post


2-color-kitchen  white-wood-kitchen

Two tone kitchens are an excellent way to give your kitchen a less traditional feel by providing visual contrast within the kitchen through the cabinetry hue choices. The most common method is to paint the upper cabinets a lighter color, such as glossy white, while grounding the lower cabinets with a darker color that accents the richness of the floor color. Not only does this option provide a slight twist on the ever popular white kitchen, but it is also not overly intimidating to do, as you are only changing the colour of part of the cabinets.  View Full Post


shoe-storage-closet  walk-in-closet-no-doors-2

Make the most of your bedroom closet by organizing all your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories so that everything will be easily found when you need it. Everything in your closet should have a place. Before reorganizing or creating a closet take inventory of everything that will be stored including accessories such as bags, jewellery, watches, sunglasses, scarves and ties. View Full Post