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While shopping for trellises I noticed even simple ones cost $25 or more, so I decided to make one myself using affordable strapping wood for Stephanie to use in her rose garden. This project is very easy and only costs $6. From start to finish it only takes an hour to make not including the time the glue needs to dry. In the end you will end up with a garden trellis that is 62 inches tall and 32 inches wide.


  • 6 – 1”x 2” x 8’
  • Gorilla wood glue
  • Items to weight down trellis while gluing, or clamps
  • Miter saw


Buy 6 – 1”x 2” x 8’ and cut boards with miter saw

  • 5 – 1”x 2” to 62” in length
  • 7 – 1”x 2” to 32” in length


Arrange 5 – 1”x 2” x 62” boards vertically to be evenly spaced over 32”. Place one 32” board horizontally at the top, and measure down 6 inches and then place the next board. Continue doing this until you have placed all the 7 32” boards.


Carefully glue horizontal boards to vertical boards using wood glue. Place weights (or use clamps) on the trellis, to help the glue set. I used some of my free weights, but you could easily place large heavy books, etc..

diy-trellis-step4After the glue has set, place the trellis in your garden.
easy-diy-trellis (1)



Alex Svetlovsky
Alex loves spending his free time tackling DIY projects that involve building wooden structures or dealing with technology.