DIY Doormat

A lazy afternoon combined with a coffee based beverage and a good DIY craft is the making of a perfect afternoon. Today’s project was a DIY monogram doormat, which costs around $6.00 and takes about 30 minutes to make.

To start I created my template in Adobe InDesign, but any graphics or word editor will do. Simply determine how big you want your letters to be (I made the letters 5” tall), type your text and print. For my stencil I used the font GeoSans Light for the S and A, and PT Sans for the ampersand.DIY Monogram Doormat

Next I printed the letter on thick cardstock and cut it out using the exacto knife. When cutting, be careful to leave part of the centers of the letter attached to the stencil, or you will need to carefully tape it on afterwards.

DIY Monogram Doormat

To begin stenciling tape your stencil in place, and take your Paint Marker and colour in the stencil. Although this project can be done with paint and fabric medium or spray paint, I found you get much more crisp letters with the paint marker and in doesn’t change the texture like a thick coat of paint and medium might. Better still, it is cheaper to buy one paint marker, and it is easier to touch-up sections of the stencil with the marker than a paintbrush.

DIY Monogram Doormat

DIY Monogram Doormat

To create a black edge on the rug I simply taped off where I wanted the border to stop and painted between the edge of the rug and the tape.
DIY Monogram Doormat


After the paint has dried, I gave a quick coat of a spray paint protective coating and the new monogram doormat was done and ready to use. I love the clean modern feel of the rug, but for something more traditional you could switch the font to a serif font and place your initials in the middle.

DIY Monogram Doormat

DIY Monogram Doormat: Materials

Doormat $2.00

Thick piece of paper $0.50

Exacto knife

Clear protective spray paint (optional)

Sharpie Paint Marker in Black size medium $3.00

Total: $5.50

Stephanie White
Stephanie is a home decorating and DIY blogger who is a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, that adores following the latest design trends and tackling any do it yourself project no matter how large always with a coffee in hand.