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Written by Stephanie White // Posted Under: Art, Decorating, DIY on 06 August 2013

Break out your paint brushes and palate knives, it is time for an art attack! To help add some colour to the ignored upstairs hallway I made this colour-field inspired abstract painting using reds, pinks and gold.

diy abstract painting


A canvas
White acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
Flourescent Magenta acrylic paint
Purple acrylic paint (or mix red and blue)
Gold acrylic paint
A surface to mix paint on such as a palette, plastic container etc..
A palette knife
Spray gloss (or gloss paint medium) *optional

DIY Abstract Painting Instructions

Paint a fresh coat of white paint over the entire canvas over the existing primer to get a bright crisp white. Using your paint brush cover ¾ of the painting in red. While the paint is still wet, add purple, magenta and white vertical streaks with a paint brush to give some depth. If you want your accent streaks to be bolder, apply a thicker coat, or wait for the red paint to dry first.

diy abstract painting

Using a palette knife, add some gold accent on the red paint near the edges.

diy abstract painting

Using your palette knife drag the gold paint down 2-3” downwards starting where the red paint meets the white. The gold paint should be applied slightly thicker to give texture.

diy abstract painting

To complete the painting add two coats of glossy spray paint to help protect it from sun damage, or use gloss medium mixed into your paint directly to give a glossy finish. 

diy abstract painting

Here is the completed painting in the upstairs hallway between one of the bathrooms and two bedrooms. Although it is hard to tell in this photograph the artwork is very glossy and has tons of texture. 

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